Fine Deals for The Best Paris Hotel to Airport

Car rental is a unique opportunity to touch the history of the country and its nature, to see architectural monuments, the beautiful nature of mountains and seashores, the real life of countries; look into all corners of modern and ancient cities and do not depend on anyone, you make your own schedule of travel in a comfortable car. Often a pleasant surprise when renting a car is saving money compared to traveling by other means of transport.

The Right field

In the field of car hire around the world, hundreds of thousands of workers work, tens of thousands of locations of rental companies are located in airports and cities all over the world, millions of cars are rental parks, using tourists to get unforgettable impressions. Parisians, as well as residents of other countries of the territory, unfortunately, are just beginning to get acquainted with the advantages of renting cars during tourist trips and our company decided to prepare a useful list of questions and recommendations when renting a car so that your trip would only give you positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. For the journey from Paris hotel to airportĀ this is the best option that you can think of.

You Can Rent too

If you own a driving license and driving skills in Paris, you can safely rent a car abroad. The road surface, marking and the number of information signs will allow you to enjoy driving. The only difficulty that can be a theoretical obstacle for you is to get used to all the inscriptions in Latin letters. There is one important thing to remember – a large number of intersections have the form of a circle and the rule of the “right hand” does not work there – abroad, a car moving in a circle at the intersection has advantages as indicated on the road signs.

The Right Site

It is convenient to use the sites of rental companies for car booking.You need to book in advance, because the parks of rental companies are limited and often 1-2 weeks before the trip by popular tourist destinations you will not be able to find a free car of the class you need. Therefore it is better to rent the most popular classes. If you still count on high-end cars, you need to order in advance, have from 3 years of driving experience, be aged 25 years, and show 2 credit cards when selecting cars. It is worth noting that the percentage of cars with automatic transmission is much smaller than with the mechanical gearbox, so it’s better to count on “mechanics”, especially in the “high season”, or to book in advance.

The Right Hotels

When bookingParis hotel to airportĀ , you choose an auto class, locations (pay attention to the time of their work ), leave the credit card information. If you do not show up for a car booked for you, the rental company will charge your card with the so-called ‘no show fee’ – the fee for non-appearance, which is usually dollar 40.

Use the sites of international rental companies

Their prices may be slightly higher than the price of local companies, but in the end it will be 20-40 euros per week of rent, and the risks of cooperation with local companies are much higher. For example, in this case, in the Parisian office of the company you can write a statement, and illegally written-off funds will be returned to you.


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