How Much Does The Tour Cost To Raja Ampat A “Backpacker” Style? This Is The Calculation



Pianemo, a favorite tourist destination in Raja Ampat District, West Papua, Indonesia. Many people want to travel to Raja Ampat in West Papua, but feel blocked by a sizeable budget. SFH Travel tries to calculate spending on a backpacker-style trip to this ‘paradise in eastern Indonesia’.

  1. Transportation to Raja Ampat

The scenario is to depart from Jakarta to Sorong, West Papua. There are several airlines that serve this route include Garuda Indonesia, Nam Air, Sriwijaya Air, Batik Air, and Xpress Air.

The flight price to Sorong fluctuates, with a range of Rp 1.5 million – Rp 3 million each way. From the lowest count, the fare to go home costs Rp 3 million.

Arriving in Sorong, tourists must cross to Raja Ampat. The choice is by ship or aircraft Susi Air. To reduce costs, ships are the right choice. The fast boat with a two-hour sailing time from Sorong to Waisai (the capital of Raja Ampat Regency) is priced at Rp 130,000.

  1. Tariff is required to enter Raja Ampat

To travel in Raja Ampat, tourists are charged an Environmental Service Maintenance Fee (TLPL) set at Rp 500,000 per person for domestic tourists and Rp 1 million per person for foreign tourists. This rate can be paid at the port or office of Raja Ampat Regency.

Kriss Iba Homestay in Batanta, Raja Ampat.


  1. Accommodation

In Raja Ampat, there are many choices of accommodation types such as hotels, resorts, and homestays. For a backpacker, homestay is the right choice because the price per night is the lowest.

The price range of homestay in Raja Ampat starts from Rp 250.000. per night. Advice KompasTravel, choose a homestay close to the sights or dive sites you want to visit. This will affect the cost of transportation.

To find a homestay in Raja Ampat, you can open the official homepage of the Raja Ampat Homestay Business Association at

  1. Transportation in Raja Ampat

Could be, this is your biggest expense while in Raja Ampat. Keep in mind, Raja Ampat is an archipelago, with a total of 1,864 islands. If you want to tour nature in Raja Ampat, you need a boat island hopping.

The high price of fuel in Raja Ampat is very influential on motorboat rental prices. For example, to go to Wayag from Waisai, the budget required Rp 13 million PP. Toward Pianemo from Waisai required budget Rp 8 million PP. To Teluk Mayablibit from Waisai, it takes budget Rp 6 million rupiah PP. One motorboat can usually be charged, 10-12 people.

Therefore, to reduce the transport budget in Raja Ampat, go in groups. The ability to bargain for motorboat fares is also indispensable.

The pier at Piaynemo Homestay, Raja Ampat District, West Papua, Thursday (5/5/2016).


  1. Consumption

Budget meal in Raja Ampat is actually not great. Generally, lodging in Raja Ampat like a homestay even provides three meals a day. This includes room rates.

Unfortunately beyond that, the food seller is a bit difficult unless you are traveling in Waisai area, the capital of Raja Ampat Regency. Food prices start at Rp 20,000 per serving.

Before eating, it’s good to ask the seller how much the price of his food. Also, do not forget to bring food before island hopping or diving because the trip will be far enough.

From the above information, let’s calculate the budget to Raja Ampat a backpacker style. Local tourist guide Raja Ampat suggested the best duration of exploring Raja Ampat is four days and three nights. Here’s the description of the budget:

  1. Plane tickets Jakarta-Sorong PP Rp 3 million
  1. Ticket ship cap at Sorong-Waisai PP Rp 260,000
  1. TLPL Rp 500,000
  1. Three nights accommodation Rp 750,000
  1. Transportation in Raja Ampat (Wayag) Rp 1.3 million
  1. Consumption outside homestay Rp 100.000

TOTAL Rp 5,910,000

Total cost Rp 5.910.000 or $ 347 (currently $ 1 = Rp 13,500).

You only need about $ 347 for the cost of  Holiday from Jakarta to Raja Ampat for four days and three nights, with note your tour route only to Wayag and surrounding areas. The budget does not include a submarine rental if you want to dive.


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