What are the things to do in Barbados?

Barbados is a tiny island in the Caribbean. The island is flocked by celebrities and common people for vacation almost every day of the year. The islands might be small but there are a ton of things that would serve your interest. The homes in Barbados provide one of the cheapest accommodations available so that you can enjoy your vacation in Barbados. While you are all set to leave for holidaying in Barbados, it is always better to do a little research about the best things that will add on to your experience. These are the list of things to do while you are in Barbados.

  • Chill on the Beaches

Though there are a lot of beaches in the world, there is something special about the beaches of Barbados. The fine white sand beaches with clear sky-blue waters is a major sight at all the beaches in Barbados. You can enjoy the glorious view of the sunset with some chilled beer and tasty snacks like fish burgers that are served at the beaches.

  • Go rum tasting

Rum is one of those alcoholic beverages that occupy the top position in the list of favorite drinks of many people. There are rum distilleries that even date back to 15th century in Barbados. If you want to taste some of the original rum, then Barbados is the right place. Mount Gay Rum, the famous rum brand has its roots in the islands of Barbados. You can visit the rum production areas and learn a bit of rum history and also enjoy tasting some rum.

  • Relish on those barbecues

Grab a bite of those fiery grilled barbecued meat while you are in Barbados. The meat is flavored with the local ingredients which makes it worth every bite. Moreover, the cool breeze of the evening beach caressing your face and relishing on some freshly prepared barbeque meat is a pleasure in itself.

  • Shop, Eat and Party

There are hardly few people who do not like to indulge themselves in any of the three activities mentioned above. The best part about travelling to Barbados for the party freaks is that you can keep partying till you see the morning sun. The place also has some of the best fashion studios in the world where you can spot some exceptional designs which you cannot find easily even in exquisite fashion boutiques. Words are never enough to describe the crunchiness of the freshly fried fish you get at the Oistin’s market during the Friday nights. These open markets are set up only during the Fridays where seafood is prepared freshly before your eyes.

  • Plan a trip to Barbados if you are bored of the hustle and bustle of the city

Though Barbados is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world, it still enjoys a laid-back life when compared to the other major islands of the world. The people are never in a hurry to get things done at Barbados.

  • Visit the capital town

It is never a bad idea to soak yourselves in some history. The capital town of Barbados, Bridgetown considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site is definitely a must visit when you are at Barbados. This place provides you with a lot of historical sites to check out.

  • Relax under the canopy of trees at Hunte’s Gardens

This is one of the priceless possessions of the islands in the Caribbean. Loaded with a lot of tropical trees, this place is maintained and preserved by the horticulturalists who bought in a lot of flowering plants into this island. It is such a great place to spot different colorful plants all at the same place.

  • Visit Garrison’s Savannah and St Nicholas Abbey

Both of these places hold a lot of importance in the history. The Garrison’s Savannah has a fascinating history of the various horse races that track has seen. St Nicholas Abbey is said to be the place that introduced sugarcane to the western world. You can get a bonus cocktail by paying the price for the ticket to visit the history museum inside Nicholas Abbey.

  • Go for a stroll on the Barbados Broad Walk

This is one of the well-maintained pathways laid by the government that stretches for more than 2 kilometers. While it is not safe to take a stroll in the uninhabited beaches of Barbados, you can take a stroll along this pathway that actually covers a lot of scenic sights along its way. There are beautiful beaches with the coconut grooves to tiny hangout bars providing you with freshly brewed beverages. One of the best places to take a long walk and immerse in the bliss of the island.

  • Never miss out on visiting the Harrison’s Cave

The Harrison’s Cave is one of those natural wonders of the world which still holds intact some of the breathtaking mineral deposits. It is an adventurous journey inside this amazing geographical formation. There are a lot of arranged tours to have a deeper view of the cave.

  • Get a Glimpse of colonial history at the Farley Hill

The Farley hill speaks a lot about the history of the colonial sufferings of the natives under the British. It is connected well to the major places of the country that it is not difficult to reach. It is a must visit place for all the history freaks.

  • Visit the Bottom Bay

There is no meaning of your travel to Barbados if you miss out on visiting the Bottom Bay. The picturesque beaches located beside the not so huge cliffs make a worthy postcard photograph. This place would provide you with a never before experience.

These are some of the things you should definitely not miss out on your travel to this paradise on earth.

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