Applied Electronics & Computer Technology Aect

This course serves as an introduction to major theories and empirical analysis regarding the function of interpersonal communication as it pertains to personal, contextual, and cultural variables in the improvement of assorted types of relationships. Microeconomics for Business is an overview course that covers how microeconomics impacts business operations and the strategic administration of the group. Households , companies , and governments are examined to assess how they interact in aggressive and other markets to set prices, and determine what and how a lot is produced.

Computer Technology

Students will study where to find information on well being inspection stories, foodborne sickness outbreaks and recall alerts, and will know where to report any suspected foodborne sickness or suspicious activity related to the food and water provide. This course is an summary of the biological, psychological, cultural, and behavioral elements of human sexuality and family life. The general theme of the course focuses on attitudes and accountable sexual behavior.