Search Engine Optimization Tips for those who want to improve their website

Even a lot has changed about search engine optimization, the basic principles of SEO remain the same. Businesses have realized that their website must be optimized because an optimized website higher traffic which converts into more sales at the end of the day. Here are some suggestions on how you can improve your website with SEO:

Improve your page speed and link to other quality websites

One of the things you would need have to ensure you have if you want your websites to be search engine optimized is quality websites. Google, the largest search engine in the world, ranked page speed as an important factor for high ranking on its pages. In times past, people were patient enough with websites to load but not like that anymore. Studies show that 40 % of your visitors will leave your website and 80% will never come back again if your website takes more than a second to load. As such, your web pages must be optimized to load faster. Keep your website decluttered and only put essential widgets in your sidebar. If you are using WordPress, deactivate, and uninstall unneeded plugins. Only use a few needed ones. Also, make it a practice to include links to websites that share valuable content on your website. Many people think this is a bad practice as it will take people away from your web page but this is not true. Outbound linking establishes your website as a resourceful and scalable page. You can notify the owners of the websites whose links you include in your content when you do. This way, you are going to get the same favor too. The services of your internet providers companiesalso has a lot to play in the quality of your website especially in terms of speed, storage and how frequently your website will be accessible online. Hence, you should put in effort to get the right company. An example of a platform you might want to patronize for hosting your website is Huge domains.

Write for humans and encourage other people to link to you

Most people, in their bid to rank high on search engines, create robotic content. Do not write for machines, write for humans. Humans are beings with hopes, fears, inspiration, etc. They need solutions to their problems and your content should provide them that. You must always have it at the core of every content you create that you want to genuinely help people. Only people have eyes to read your content and credit cards to buy whatever you sell to them. Machines do not have. You should use long-tail keywords instead of using single keywords that may ruin your content structure. Also, encourage inbound links. Once you are consistent in giving our value out value and you link relevant websites in your Content, people will naturally want to link back to you. With time, you will get a large community of visitors organically.

Set up your web analytics and optimize your page URLs

Before you send anyone to your landing page, you should have set up your web analytics. Your web analytics enables you to track where your visitors are clicking on, what they are reading, how they are bouncing off your website, etc. This analytics will help you know where to work on your website. Also, ensure you optimize the meta descriptions for each page of your website. Do not duplicate content in your meta descriptions, search engines will penalize you for it. Besides, it shows that you are not offering a great user experience. Do not forget to optimize your page URLs as well. For instance, if your content is about social media marketing, then your page URLs must include the words “social media marketing”. This helps people to identify and distinguish the value you give because you make it easier for them to find what they are looking for. Every blog that has established itself as an authority on the internet uses this technique.

Utilize social media and create content consistently

Social media is a very powerful tool for improving your website. Studies show that the impact of likes, engagements, shares, and retweets go a long way. As such, you have to create content that is worthy of being shared across different social platforms. Encourage your website visitors to share your posts on their social media profiles, online communities, etc. Another thing you have to do is to create content constantly. Creating content is not an easy task, but it keeps your visitors glued to your website. Through your content, they start to know, like, and trust you. Also, use images to enhance your content. Content creation spans beyond writing to other forms such as videos, audios, etc. Know which of these forms your visitors like best and use it regularly in your content creation. Use the right keywords and have an engaging writing tone. In the long run, you will achieve your website goals.